Suitable for everyone with gin and tonics or highly recommended natural milkshakes, and a great cultural agenda.

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Kennedy Bar

A real emblem.

This building is located in one of the most emblematic buildings in the city known as los nueve pisos, at number 3 on an alley named Burrezo. This establishment has also become one of the most emblematic in the city, which is classic but suitable for all kinds of people and ambiences. Open all day, and with an Irish style, it's one of the main places of cultural activity in Murcia. The stand-up comedy and the concerts, which are essentially acoustic are combined with other cultural alternatives. They are also specialists in cocktails, cafés, and other spirits (their gin and tonics, and other combinations are highly recommended). As it's located in the historic city centre, Kennedy Bar is an ideal place for taking a break in the afternoon and to enjoy its cultural agenda. For the little ones, or for the non-drinkers, we recommend that you don't miss the chance to try their natural milkshakes.

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