You'll know that you're about to arrive at this museum, which is also called a cultural arts centre, when you see its endless number of palm trees.

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Museo Arqueológico de Murcia

A journey through time.

After different difficulties such as wars, conflicts of interest, and political changes that started around 1941, the museum had to wait until 1864 to open to the public, but the wait was worth it. Nowadays, this museum is home to an important collection which is distributed over two floors, and recreates a journey through time from the Murcian paleolithic period, to the arrival of Christianity on the peninsula. In fact, you can see different manuscripts from the era of the Roman Empire on the peninsula, as well as a collection of very interesting sculptures. This museum known as a cultural arts centre is located at number 7 of the avenue called Alfonso X el Sabio, which is easily recognised by seeing the very tall palm trees that guard the entrance.

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