The Street Named Cánovas del Castillo

Do you want to see part of the wall that used to surround Murcia? You'll find it in La Muralla, so why not order something while you're here?

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The Street Named Cánovas del Castillo

It couldn't be more central.

The central street of Cánovas del Castillo crosses the city centre and leads to a few metres from a square called Plaza de la Candelaria. This street is a destination itself for eating out and tasting typical dishes of Murcian cuisine, so now, we're going to give you a few suggestions. In first place, one of the most well-known places is El Ahorcado Feliz which is a bar with character in the city. In second place, La Muralla is also for lunch or to have something, and we strongly recommend you to go inside this place, as it has an authentic piece of the wall which is still standing, and used to surround the city of Murcia, so you must visit La Muralla even if it's just for the wall. To finish off, and for having the first drink at number 17 of the same street, we recommend you to drop by La Ronería to enjoy some rum, and La Gintonería where you can enjoy some gin.

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