The Murcian wine tradition is as ancient as it is important, so you must not miss this wine route.

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The Wine Route

Long live Monastrell!

The region of Murcia has a large and ancient tradition of viniculture. In fact, a kind of native grape is cultivated in this area known as Monastrell which is considered as one of the best in the world by the main wine experts. There are three certificates of origin: Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla, and more than 47,000 hectares of land is joined between the three of them, making one of the area's main sources of income. The purpose of this so-called 'wine route' is to comprehensively show all aspects of this certificate of origin from vineyards to wine cellars, and from the surrounding villages which move the cultivation towards the gastronomy surrounding this wine. The visit naturally ends with a wine taste of their main products among which their sweet wines stand out, besides their vintage and reserves.

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