Hiring a car is highly recommended, as is a visit to this spectacularly sited fishing village and its museum.

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The town of Soller

A paradisiacal spot on Majorca's northwest coast.

One of the great things about Majorca is the short distances between cities and towns. It's a pleasure to hire a car and tool around from one end to the other, and many visitors do just that. One of the great places to go is on the northwest corner of the island, the town and beach/port of Soller, some 3 kilometres (2 miles) apart. In the fishing village, dating from the Christian reconquest of the island in the 12th century, the Museum of Majorca preserves vestiges of civilisations dating back to prehistory. Then as you move out toward its beach area, you will see how the only access to the sea opens up between the mountains. It's truly one of Majorca's most paradisiacal spots.

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