Morocho, rosero and mistela: three typical drinks that you have to try.

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A couple of local drinks

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If you're in the centre of town trying all the best dishes in Quito, it's time you sampled some of the local drinks as well and discovered an authentic, local tradition. There is a huge variety to choose from with something for all tastes. Why not start with the famous morocho, one of the most traditional and widely produced beverages. It is made from a mixture of cereals, milk, cinnamon and sugar that needs to be soaked overnight to develop its characteristic taste. You should also try the rosero, known by the locals as comeibebe. It is made from boiled wheat and a wide range of fruits, all mixed with herbs, sugar and cinnamon: the last two being key ingredients in the majority of drinks made in Quito. There is also a long tradition of mistelas, with mint, peach and mandarin being the most common flavours.

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