Boulevard de las Naciones Unidas

Interesting exhibition of urban art on one of the busiest avenues.

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Boulevard de las Naciones Unidas

A stand against climate change

This area of the city, which is also known as Jardines de Quindes, is considered as one of the best exponents of urban, street art in the country. On the Boulevard de las Naciones Unidas, over sixty figures were decorated by local and national artists, representing the very best of the country's thriving art scene. Nixon Córdoba was the sculptor chosen to make the figures, which are each a little over two metres high. Most interestingly, this initiative is not just about art, but also the climate: the aim of the project was to raise awareness about the environment and about the dangers of climate change. In this respect, the figure of the birds becomes especially significant as Ecuador is one of the countries with the most diverse range of bird species in the world. This avenue has become one of the most popular and visited urban attractions in the capital.

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