Water, cinnamon, sugar and aguardiente: one of the most typical alcoholic drinks in the country.

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Canelazo is one of the most typical alcoholic drinks in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. It originated in the Andes where, due to the altitude, strong drinks and other products have been consumed for centuries to ward off altitude sickness. This particular drink is made from water, cinnamon, sugar and aguardiente made from sugar cane, as well as a range of local ingredients such as orange or lemon juice. Interestingly, this drink is served warm as it was traditionally used to acclimatise and heat the body. Over time, it has become so popular that today, it is the number one festive drink across the country, especially during Christmas. You'll find it at any of the bars in the centre of Quito and it is commonly drunk during meals, especially in the winter months.

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