The city's main church, in a variety of architectural styles.

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Catedral Metropolitana

Eclectic masterpiece

This cathedral was built between 1562 and 1565, as part of the Spanish evangelising mission. As in other South American countries, this was just the first stage in a long process of changes and restorations that has led to a spectacular assortment of styles. As a result, this is one of the most important building on the continent from an artistic and architectural perspective: for example, the cathedral's façade features baroque, Mudejar, rococo, neoclassical and neo-Gothic elements. Inside, you'll find priceless works of arts such as the Sábana Santa, the Muerte de la Virgen and the Negociación de San Pedro, alongside the coffins of various key figures in Ecuadorian history. Interestingly, an age-old ceremony is still held here over Easter: The Arrastre de Caudas or the Dragging of Capes.

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