The arrival of the railway was a turning point in Ecuadorian history.

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Chimbacalle railway station

The most difficult train in the world

The arrival of the railway was a real milestone for the country and, above all, for the capital: in June 1908, the whole city came out to welcome the train and to celebrate this new connection between the coast and the mountains. What's more, people who had to leave home to find work could now come back to visit. This railway was the fruit of a great deal of political, economic and social manoeuvring and led to a large number of cafeterias, restaurants and hotels opening in the district of Chimbacalle. Today, in this same place, visitors can see the locomotive with its carriages and all the other elements of this great machine. There is also a small museum that tells the story of the so-called 'most difficult train in the world', from its history to the routes it travelled, giving a good idea of why it is so famous.

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