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La Capilla del Hombre

The work of Oswaldo Guayasamín

Oswaldo Guayasamín is probably the most famous Ecuadorian artist and one of the most renowned on the entire continent. He worked in many different mediums such as sculpture, painting, graphic art, murals and drawing during the 20th century and is perhaps best known for his drawings. In 2002, an exhibition of his work was installed in the museum Museo Casa Taller Guayasamín. Through pain, anger, tenderness and, above all, protest, this collection will take you on a journey through the majority of the artist's work, explaining his very unique concept of the human self. What's more, the La Capilla del Hombre art museum plays a key role in unlocking the national psyche and that of its neighbouring countries; lest we forget, the fight for independence and the development of national identity were a common part of everyday life. There is also an area dedicated to pre-Colombian elements related to this great artist.

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