Nature in its purest state and one of the most impactful ecosystems in Ecuador.

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Colourful flora and fauna

Ready to experience one of the most characteristic and impactful ecosystems in the country? The Antisana volcano dominates this hidden area, which can only be reached by land, via a series of very windy roads. The mixture of panoramic views, forests and streams makes this a highly diverse and colourful area that is home to an equally diverse range of animals: condors, sparrow hawks, carunculated caracara, black vultures and many other species, all native to the region. If that wasn't enough, there are still two magical spots to discover: The Muertepungo and Mica lagoons. The name of the first means 'the death gate'; the second is the main water supply for the south of Quito. Fishing and water sports are popular in this natural haven and we thoroughly recommend coming here to explore the natural world beneath these inviting waters. If you're looking to relax and enjoy a good dose of fresh air, this is the place for you.

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