At nightfall, this magical square becomes a tranquil, urban oasis. A real must.

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Plaza de San Blas

Where the magic happens

When in Quito, it's easy to see why its Historic Centre is a World Heritage Site. The Plaza de San Blas has been the gateway to this architectural wonderland since the 16th century, which is when the majority of the city was developed, following a spike in the population and the modernisation of the existing structures. This square, on top of being one of the prettiest points in the capital, also has a very magical feel to it, especially at night. Despite being one of the largest and busiest squares in the city, when the sun begins to set the new lighting system beautifully offsets the colonial buildings and lush greenery against the stunning architecture. A very romantic setting, a pleasant toing and froing of people and, all in all, an ideal choice for a magical evening stroll.

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