The Virgin of Quito or the Virgin of El Panecillo

Unique and magnificent: a virgin made of seven thousand pieces of aluminium.

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The Virgin of Quito or the Virgin of El Panecillo

Up yonder

This statue is named after the hill on which it stands, which is one of the most popular viewpoints in Quito. The hill, which divides the city into two halves, was suggested in 1950 as a good place for the Virgin of El Panecillo statue so it could be seen from anywhere in the city, although it wasn't installed here until 1975. Also known as the Virgin of Quito, the statue is made of around seven thousand pieces of aluminium and has a number of very eye-catching features including a snake, a globe, a crown or the Virgin's unusual wings. The surrounding building is home to a very interesting museum about the history and legend of the monument. A recommendation? Take some time to enjoy the views from this site, they're spectacular!

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