Don’t forget to visit some of Río's beaches if you like sun and sport

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Beach and Sport

Showing off on the beach

It is a fair assumption to say that the beaches in Río de Janeiro are famous around the world, both for their liveliness and the lack of swimming costumes on those who visit! The most famous has to be the half-moon shaped, 4.5km long Copacabana beach. Amongst its most famous attractions: pitches for beach football, volleyball, foot-volleyball, and other emerging and popular sports from this part of Brazil. Why not enjoy a relaxed stroll along the promenade (known as Copacabana’s Border), whose sidewalks are decorated with mosaics, and stop off at some of the many kiosks which sell juice, soft drinks and coconut water (the best thirst-quencher according to the locals). Beach bars, with their wooden floors and stylish bars, and lifeguard watch towers (more commonly called ‘postos’) are also abundant on the beach. Body-worshippers should not miss a chance to visit Praia do Arpoador in Ipanema and its famous outdoor gym. Surfers, cyclists and skaters complete the scene, where, for them, sport is almost a way of life. But in Río de Janeiro there are many other beaches where you can swim in the ocean, some of which give name to their neighbourhoods, such as Ipanema, Leblon and Botafogo.

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