If you don't want to waste much time eating, here is where to go for fast, traditional food

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Fast Food by the Kilo

Eat quickly and continue with the sightseeing!

Find delicious Brazilian fast food in the relatively new ‘kilo’ restaurants - where customers pay based on the weight of the food they eat. It is a kind of buffet, offering all types of food at low prices, and usually full of businessmen who do not have time to sit down for their lunch. So much so that there are a number of these types of restaurants, each with limited space. You can stand at the counter to eat, or alternatively go out on to the street. Just in front of Catete Palace on Catete Street, you can find an old two-storey colonial building called Estaçao República Restaurante, one of the city’s most traditional kilo restaurants. It offers cuisine such as meat, rice, pasta and local specialities, and is affordable for almost any budget. Amongst its luxury and glamour, Copacabana also has space for kilo restaurants. Another one of which is the famous Adega Pérola on Siquiera Campos Street, where they offer different types of Brazilian cuisine.

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