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Largo da Carioca

Rio's comercial zone

This central zone in Río de Janeiro is always filled with busy shoppers. Not only is it the financial heart of the city, but it is also the best place to buy all types of items. Here, the traditional shops branch out onto different streets, including Uruguaiana, Buenos Aires and Gonçalves Dias Street. Their window displays show off a never-ending number of bags, jewellery and handicrafts, some of which are not suitable for the tighter budgets. On the pavements you will also find a vast array of street vendors, selling everything from beachwear (towels, bikinis and sandals), to flags, trinkets and, in general, any other souvenirs that will preserve the memory of your trip to Río de Janeiro. Another place not to miss is Carioca Street, where there is a selection of musical instrument shops. On this street you can discover small percussion instruments, used by the citizens of Río during the Carnival. To finish your shopping spree, there is nothing better than paying a visit to the enormous open air market at the crossroad of Uruguaiana Street and Avenida Presidente Vargas crossroad, where you can buy almost anything at relatively affordable prices. A word of warning before you start though, in Brazil, unlike other Latin American countries, haggling is frowned upon.

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