Imagine it, sunset on a terrace by the sea with an ice-cold caipirinha

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Sunset in Copacabana

Time to party in Copacabana

Aside from its famous beach, Copacabana is home to quite a few streets filled with bars, restaurants, clubs and even strip clubs. In short, there is something for everyone. Perhaps one of the most glamorous places in the area is Chá do Copa, next to Copacabana Palace Hotel on Avenida Atlântica. For decades this place served as a meeting spot for well-known Brazilian businessmen and actors from around the world. Nowadays its terrace is a unique place where visitors can enjoy their first caipirinha of the night whilst watching the Río sunset. Afterwards, there are a few options depending on your taste and what kind of night you are looking for. On Almirante Gonçalves Street, Bip Bip is a classic for its fruit smoothies and groups that form outside (due to its very limited capacity) to watch the dozens of young people dancing Samba or Chorinho. The sound notably increases in any of the bars owned by hostel chain Sindicato de Chopp, where beer is the queen of the party, although its fruit juices are also pretty famous. In Copacabana there are two such bars, one on Avenida Atlântica ( and the other on Santa Clara Street.

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