You'll be amazed at the huge mansions on this VIP island.

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Kamenny Island

Neva Delta.

Saint Petersburg has so many islands that you won't have time to visit them all. This island is known as Kamenny Ostrov Island or Stone Island and is just one of those found in the Neva Delta. Take a stroll through its streets to see the stately mansions built on this island, which is known as one of the most exclusive spots in the city. Some of the most impressive ones include the Follenweider mansion (13 Bolshaya Alleya), which is now the Danish Consulate, or the Shene mansion (3 Skvoznoi Proyezd). From the Soviet Era through to present day, this has been the residential area of top government officials, where it is not uncommon to see flags flying from some of the buildings. You will probably also see a lot of cranes in this area as many politicians are building their future houses here.

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