Rumour has it that Rasputin's penis is on display here. Find out for yourself at this museum with a difference.

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Museum of Erotica


Everyone must have at least heard of Rasputin, but very few actually know who he was. Rasputin was a Russian mystic who came to have a great deal of influence over the Romanov dynasty. You are probably asking yourself what Rasputin has to do with an erotic museum... the truth is rather a lot. Rasputin's penis is supposedly displayed at this museum and has become the star attraction among visitors from all over the world. Opening in May 2004, this was the first sex museum in Russia, where you'll find a collection of erotic paintings, sculptures and artefacts. It is near the Chernyshevskaya metro station (next to the Neva River) in the city centre and is open all day from 08:00 to 21:30. It makes for an interesting visit and an unusual twist to your average sightseeing tour.

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