Saint Petersburg's star avenue: shops, restaurants, museums, libraries, nightlife... this street has it all!

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Nevsky Prospekt Avenue

4 fundamental kilometres.

All big cities have their main shopping street and in Saint Petersburg you'll find Nevsky Prospekt: a 4-kilometre avenue for those who fancy a bit of shopping. There are plenty of shops, bookshops, cafes and restaurants, in addition to some more cultural offerings like museums or the Russian National Library (one of the largest in the city). In the past, it was said to be one of the only areas of the city that was not controlled by the ruling political powers and it was the only place where bohemians, nobles, artisans and marginalised persons lived side by side. By day it is a bustling shopping area and by night it becomes a wonderland of fun and entertainment. In fact, visiting this avenue by night is a great way to experience its unique charm.

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