The clucky set is the local favourite at dinnertime, and chicken restaurants ubiquitous

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Bonkers for chicken

Here, chick, chick, chick!

The feathered clucker is without a doubt the main protein for Ticos, consumed in every imaginable way. Some of the more common of those ways is wood-roasted or arroz con pollo (mixed with rice). In fact, throughout Costa Rica you can even find quite a few eateries devoted primarily to chicken, with names like El Pollazo (Big Chick) or El Pollo Rico Ricón (Tasty Oh So Tasty Chicken). In San José, one of the most popular chains is Pío Pío ("Cluck Cluck"), with various downtown locations (one of the most prominent being on Calle 0 between Avenidas 4 and 6, another on Calle 16 in front of the Treasury). You'll also see plenty of branches of Rostipollos, including one in Desamparados Park and another out in Escazú.

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