Neo-baroque ornamentation and a museum named after a collector-diplomat

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A century-old yellow building in Parque de España

Also popularly known as the Casa Amarilla (Yellow House) due to the colour of its façade, the handsome Casa de la Cancillería, located at the far end of the Parque de España was built in 1916 as the short-lived Central American Court of Justice, financed by U.S. industrialist/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. But soon the building passed to the Costa Rican state, serving various uses until its current one, housing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It's architecturally notable for the ornamentation of its main entrance as well as its neo-Baroque lintel. Also housed in the building is the Marqués Manuel María Peralta Museum, named for a prominent diplomat and collector; open weekdays 8 am to 2 pm.

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