Jaime Solera Bennett Museum of Numismatics

Even non coin collectors will be fascinated by this museum of money - because almost everybody's fascinated by money, right?

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Jaime Solera Bennett Museum of Numismatics

Show me the money!

Sharing the space under downtown's Plaza de la Cultura with the Precolumbian Gold Museum, the Museo de Numismática is a money geek's paradise, with a wealth of domestic and international banknotes and coins, as well as various other objects once used for transactions in the land that is now Costa Rica. Naturally, domestic currencies get top billing, from the real introduced in 1502 to the colón in circulation today. But there are also exhibits about barter, about the birth of the banks, and the use of coffee and other commodities as a means of payment. There are more than 5,000 objects here - one of Central America's best collections of its kind.

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