Not great for arachnophobes, but fascinating for most of the rest of us — especially before venturing out into the rain forests

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Museum of Insects

You'll bug out over this amazing collection

Part of the Rodrigo Facio University Campus in Escalante, this museum focusses on the most numerous of the animal kingdom - of special note being the collections of beetles and the butterflies for which Costa Rica is particularly reknowned. But the buggy bonanza here includes much else, including spiders of amazing size or oversize, weirdly deformed bees. Insectophiles and biology fans in general will have a field day, but this is also popular with many teens and younger kids (mums and dads, you know what we're talking about, right?). Arachnophobes/insectophobes, not so much, of course. It's especially useful before venturing out into the rain forests, to learn how to identify different insects (and even a bit about the diseases they can transmit).

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