Drinking in pubs here usually also means eating - and here are the goods

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Nibbling on 'Bocas' in SJ's Pubs

Pub snacks a-go-go!

Rarely in Costa Rica do drinkers down pints and rum by themselves without being accompanied by bocas or boquitas, free pub snacks comparable in some ways to tapas (some even manage to make a meal of them). Size and quality will of course vary according to where you have them, but typical bocas might include patacones (fried plantains), gallos (small beef or chicken tacos), and arracache (a starchy vegetable inside a warm corn tortilla). San José is dotted with typical traditional pubs and cantinas to sample them, and among the best known is Cantina Morazán (Avenida 3 at Calle 9, in front of the Metallic Building on Morazán Park) and La Vasconia (Avenida 1 between Calles 3 and 5), which features an excellent wine list heavy on Chilean vintages as well as some truly exceptional bocas (one of which is even made with turtle eggs).

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