Rafael Obregón Loría Museum (Grand Lodge of Costa Rica)

A smallish but intense museum of a movement which greatly influenced Costa Rica's destiny in the late 19th century

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Rafael Obregón Loría Museum (Grand Lodge of Costa Rica)

Showcasing freemasonry in Costa Rican history

This modest-size museum at Avenida 1 and Calle 19 has been around since 1937. Named after prominent historian (and masonic Grandmaster Rafael Obregón Loría (1911-2000), it covers the history of liberal secret societies in Costa Rica, particularly of course freemasonry. Among other items, the museum displays a slew of documents on these societies and the important role they played in national politics after 1870, when there was a profound restructuring of the national state (and check out the painting of a bishop, including various masonic symbols).

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