The burger/pizza/taco wave has crested here, too - but here's one lovin' Spoonful you might want to consider instead

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San José's Fast Food Scene

The usual suspects, but also a local star

Despite the variety of Costa Rican cuisine, inevitably the faster pace of life in the capital and the cultural influence of the United States has meant a proliferation of fast-food franchises in recent years, such as Burger King, McDonald's, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. But for fast food that's homegrown and actually pretty tasty in its own right, check out Spoon, with two locations in central SJ (Avenida Central 25 meters east of the Plaza de la Cultura and Calle Central 50 meters south of the Carmen Church) and two dozen more in outlying districts. On the menu you'll find sandwiches, salads, desserts, and even some more substantial fare such as pasta and chicken and rice.

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