Central American fare with a Tico twist

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Tico Cuisine

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Costa Rican cookery is closely related to that of elsewhere in Central America, and includes some Mexican influence, as well. The basis of many of its dishes is cornmeal tortillas, often with chicken, beef, fish, or shellfish (mostly lobster and shrimp) and accompanied by rice and pinto beans. Corn is also the basis of tamales (steamed wedges of cornmeal with some kind of meat). Speakling of which, carnivorous specialities include chicharrones (fried pork), olla de carne (beef stew), mondongo (beef-tripe stew), and picadillo (think plantains and vegetables, though it also can involve eggs, tortillas, and sour cream, depending on taste). Another classic is gallo pinto, rice and beans commonly eaten for breakfast.

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