The locals love their prices, their 'alcapurritas' (a type of starter) and their fritters, are you going to miss out?

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One of the most characteristic.

If you check to see that the locals dine at the restaurant, it’s a sign that it’s more than recommendable. And this happens with the Boronia, which is located in the 'Plaza de Santurce' (Santurce Square). If you want to try local cuisine at good prices, you should follow their example and go to this place, which defines itself as ‘comida artesanal’ (traditional food). This way, you'll find varieties of meat and fish spread over traditional dishes such as the 'alcapurritas' (croquettes stuffed with stew) or the 'sorullitos' (corn fry fritters), accompanied by Caribbean garnishes like banana sticks or sweet potato, rice and beans. The Boronia presents traditional recipes revised with contemporary influences, such as the 'serenata de bacalao con yuca, malanga y batata' (cod serenade with cassava, taro and sweet potato). One of its added values is the live music show that it offers some nights, which merges with the nightlife of the whole square.

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