Outdoor sports, leisure activities and its outdoor film screenings are not to be missed.

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Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon)

Paddle surf.

One of the places where you can practice the original sport of paddle surfing or 'surf de remo' (which consists of gliding over the water with the push of a long single paddle while you're standing on a surfboard), is the 'Laguna del Condado', and is situated in the 'Parque Nacional' (National Park) named 'El Parque Nacional de la Laguna del Condado'. It's one of San Juan's main places for outdoor sport and leisure with large green areas, guided routes of native fauna and flora, and aquatic activities such as kayaking. You can coincide your visit with the athletes' training sessions of the Canoeing and Kayaking Federation of Puerto Rico, or if you go on the second and fourth Saturday of the month, you can go to the outdoor film screening during the 'Cine Verde del Estuario' (The Estuary's Green Cinema) season. It's best to take your own chair or mat so that you can sit under the moonlight and enjoy the film.

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