Don't forget your cagoule! You're going to visit one of the rainiest places in the world!

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El Yunque

Rain forest.

As an island that is characterized by its microclimates and contrasts, you can't miss a visit to the 'Bosque Pluvial El Yunque' (El Yunque Rain Forest), another one of Puerto Rico's natural attractions. Located on the eastern side of the Luquillo Mountain Range, El Yunque is a tropical paradise that's better to visit with a cagoule and waterproof footwear just in case you get soaked in one of the rainiest places in the world. Your lungs are expanded on this route due to the pure oxygen that emanates from the trees, where a wide variety of native species hide and many are in danger of extinction such as the 'cotorra de Puerto Rico' (a Puerto Rican Parrot) or the 'coquis' (coqui) tree frog. The most curious thing about this park is that it contains four different forests depending on the altitude, with more than 240 species of trees. You can hire a guide for your visit at the entrance and prior permission is required to camp in the forest.

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