Paradisiacal islands which will delight lovers of snorkelling, scuba diving or underwater photography.

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Cayo Icacos (Icacos Island)

A natural resort.

The Cayo Icacos natural resort is an archipelago of almost virgin Islands that are perfect for lovers of scuba diving and snorkelling, underwater photography or trips by boat to deserted beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, although it's not so deserted at weekends. It’s part of the 'Reserva Natural Cayos de la Cordillera' (Cayos de la Cordilla Natural Reserve), with extraordinary aquatic fauna, and it can be reached from Fajardo pier, which is 24 kilometres from San Juan, where any fisherman will offer to plough through the coral reefs and get you closer to the islands, although there are also tourist catamarans that offer this service. There are no beach bars or cleaning service on 'Cayo Icacos', so you must take water and food with you if you are going to spend a relaxing day on the island, and remember to take back any litter you might have to avoid contaminating the environment.

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