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La Rogativa

A tribute to the night of 30th April, 1797.

Tradition has it that, on the night of 30th April 1797, the inhabitants of the city of San Juan took out all the religious objects that they had onto the streets such as, crosses, lockets, candles and torches, in order to pray and ask for the Spanish fortress to resist the British siege that was about to invade the city. The English generals saw hundreds of torches moving down and mistook them for armed reinforcements for the defensive lines, which is why they quickly retreated and the city was saved. This monument captures this historic event known as 'La Rogativa' or ‘La Procesión’ (The Procession), which is located in 'la plaza del Viejo San Juan' (Old San Juan Square) and represents the citizens who went out that night to pray. It's well worth a walk around at sunset to enjoy the views over the Bay from here.

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