White sand, turquoise waters, gigantic palm trees and a daiquiri in your hand... what are you waiting for?

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Isla Palomino (Palomino Island)

Real Caribbean luxury.

The triumph of the dollar over nature makes the heavenly 'Isla Palomino' a semi-private islet and is occupied by the luxurious 'El Conquistador Hotel & Casino' (The Conqueror Hotel & Casino), which is located facing the coast of Fajardo and reserved for its guests or visitors who come by boat to spend a few hours. The images of Caribbean luxury that come to your mind such as palm trees that touch turquoise waters, daiquiris in beach bars on white sand and coral reefs: all of this is located on 'Isla Palomino'. Among the activities which are permitted for tourists (guests and visitors), include diving, scuba diving, horseback riding through the interior of the island and of course, music sessions in the chill-out area of the hotel, accompanied by the best cocktails to finish off the visit before returning on the ferry to Fajardo.

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