Pirilo Pizza Rústica

Delicious traditional pizzas in all colours, shapes and flavours; you'll be amazed!

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Pirilo Pizza Rústica

The Italian touch in the city.

Can you imagine a '7 cheese' pizza with Caribbean spices? Or chicken nuggets with unheard of sauces? All this and much more is on offer at the ‘Pirilo Pizza Rústica’ restaurant, which has become popular over a short time on the island for lovers of Italian food. In a restaurant of colourful and festive decoration, which has recently expanded due to the queues that line up during peak hours, freshly made pizzas are served in all sizes and of all ingredients imaginable, to both sides of the Atlantic. The manager, Pirilo Generosso, suggests that the customers try natural products of Puerto Rican produce, as well as traditional beers and delicious desserts, after tasting their own dishes. You have to take into account that it's a family business, so some credit cards can't be accepted and it's advisable to carry cash so that you won't have any surprises.

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