A tropical forest of great geological wealth and very peculiar flora and fauna. Enchanting.

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Bosque Seco de Guánica (The Guánica Dry Forest)

Protected by UNESCO.

The Guanica State Forest was protected as an Unesco Biosphere Reserve since the 1980s, although it was already recognized in 1919 for its value as an example of a tropical xerophytic forest. Despite its landscape which is less lush than other tropical forests, this natural kernel has been subject to many scientific researches due to its geological wealth, as well as its peculiar flora and fauna, which is characterized by all kinds of cactus. To get to the 'Bosque Seco de Guánica', you can hire the services of a local agency that takes you from San Juan to the region of Guánica, which is located southwest of Puerto Rico, right at the other end of the island. It's in your interest to wear comfortable footwear and to take enough food and water on this excursion since you'll be under the sun in a forest of more than 4,400 hectares and you won't find any kiosks along the way.

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