Legend has it that the descendants of Juan Ponce de León lived here for many years, will this be true?

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Museo de Casa Blanca (The White House Museum)

A historical and mysterious tour.

As if time would have stopped in 1521, The White House of Old San Juan is a mysterious visit that you can't miss. It hides much of the island's history as a fortified enclosure of the defensive era, with extraordinary views over the bay. Stories tell that the descendants of the conqueror and first governor, Juan Ponce de León, had lived here for more than 250 years among its gardens and whitewashed walls. In actual fact, Ponce de Leon never lived here because he died before entering, but his children and descendants lived here under its emblazoned coat of arms and stone lions, until the 18th century. In the 1970s, it was declared as a monument and open to the public, where you can visit the rooms, kitchen, study, dining room, and even a throne that is reported to have been for the viceroys when they came to visit.

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