Canarians are big stew/soup fans, from chicken broth to chickpea extravaganzas

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Canarian Stews & Soups

Liquid goodness, both light and hearty

Canarians love their stews, and one highly popular local version is garbanzas, with ingredients such as chickpeas, bacon, blood sausage and regular sausage, carrots, and pork ribs (though some prefer beef instead of pork). A dish as hearty as this is generally eaten by itself, without sides. Same goes for escaldón de pescado, a fish stew which includes Canarians' beloved gofio (manioc flour). Those in the mood for similar fare on the lighter side have options such as vegetable stews with a spot of meat and perhaps gofio, as well as sopa de picadillo, chicken broth with shredded chicken, pasta, egg, and maybe a bit of beef or cured ham.

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