Fascinating for young and older alike, a cavalcade of critters right outside town

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Maroparque de Breña Alta Zoo

Animal Planet!

Less than 10 kilometres (seven miles) outside Santa Cruz de La Palma in the town of Breña Alta, Maroparque is a spectacular complex displaying a seemingly endless variety of exotic animals including porcupines; all manner of monkeys and snakes; albino kangaroos; birds including various parrots, peacocks, and raptors; crocodiles; and others - various of which are endangered in the wild. The park also conducts various education, research, and conservation programs; in fact, your 11-euro admission fee (5.50 for kids) goes not just toward the facility's maintenance but also conservation efforts in the wild. Open weekdays 11 am to 6 pm, weekends 11 am to 7 pm. Details: www.Maroparque.es.

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