One of the Canary Islands' foremost scientific institutes, sharing quarters with the Cervantes Library

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Royal Cosmological Society

Science Central

The Real Sociedad Cosmológica was founded in 1881 with the mission of promoting knowledge of the natural sciences on La Palma, and housed in an old grain storehouse purchased by the island government for this purpose years earlier. It's an attractive, typically colonial-style building with whitewashed façade and wooden windows, balconies, and doors. Over the many years since, the society has remained relevant as one of the Canary Islands' most important scientific institutions - among other reasons because it has been at the forefront of studying the archaeological legacy left by the ancient settlers of La Palma, as well as hosting important physicians, humanists, botanists, and researchers of all stripes. This same building, by the way, also serves as the home of the Cervantes Library, inaugurated in 1905.

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