Just north of Santa Cruz, a coast of cliffs, beaches, and dramatic formations

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The Rugged Puntallana Coast

The coast with the most

Just 11 kilometres (seven miles) north of Santa Cruz, the town of Puntallana is a favourite hot-weather getaway for capital residents. Its most impressive feature is a spectacular coastline of craggy cliffs punctuated by occasional beaches, one of the prettiest and most popular being palm-fringed Playa de Nogales. It's no mass-tourism magnet, but rather a sweet little hideaway strand at the end of a kilometre-long trail. Other outstanding aspects of the local scenery include a massive boulder; natural caves amid the rocks; and the dramatic contrast of the foamy waves crashing on fine black-sand shores. Depending on what time of year you visit, you may even spot giant marine turtles crawling ashore to lay eggs on the beach.

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