A messy drawer of gifts and souvenirs. You will find everything you could imagine and more. Outrageously affordable prices.

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25 de Março Street

Good, pretty and cheap.

If you plan to buy souvenirs as presents, São Paulo offers the perfect place to buy these goods at the last minute and for affordable prices. 25 de Março Street and its neighbouring roads receive thousands of visitors every day and you can normally only pay by cash at the street stalls, so be wary of pickpockets and put up with the queues to pay. Oddly enough this street was a passage for traders in the 19th century and its buying-selling history has continued over time. Costume jewellery, traditional instruments, decorative objects, football merchandise or traditional costumes mix with an almost festive atmosphere amongst shops and galleries, where no one knows exactly where the legitimate designs end and the counterfeit begins. If you come across electronic devices or brands for an outrageously cheap price, you can guess where it has come from.

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