Goodbye secrecy: the true history about black art in Brazil, the origins of immigration and cultural exhchange.

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Afro-Brazil Museum

Pure hybrid.

All the beauty and riches of crossbreeding with the African population is joined together in the Afro-Brazil Museum. It opened in 2004 and has more than 5,000 artefacts to explore in Ibirapuera Park, in particular in the Padre Manoel da Nóbrega Pavillion. If you are interested in cultural exchanges and want to know more about the origins of immigration and black influence in Brazil on your visit to São Paulo, this museum will reveal it to you without dodging the true history. Objects, paintings, sculptures, photographs, costumes and ethnographic documents detailing African influence from the times of slavery up to the present day. The museum is divided into various sections which range from History and Recollection, remnants of the Sacred and Secular, a Library section, a Theatre and all with a common theme; the influence of black culture in Brazilian art from the Baroque period up to the 21st century.

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