Brasileiro da Escultura Museum

Thanks to its success, it offers more than just permanent exhibitions. It also includes temporary exhibitions, workshops, seminars, festival celebrations and even online tracking.

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Brasileiro da Escultura Museum

A little of everything.

Interestingly, the private entity that launched this gallery in 1995 aimed to create a museum without a permanent collection. However, the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (Brazilian Sculpture Museum or MuBE) receives so many donations and sculptures that it not only has an established programme of some 25 sculptures each year, but it also achieves its objective of displaying the creators of contemporary sculpture, with a special programme. In addition, festivals are celebrated here such as the MuBe Cinema - Independent Showcase and the Graffiti Fine Art Festival. Are you interested in learning about pottery techniques or the history of art? This is also possible. If there is one this for certain, the museum will surprise you with advanced interactive activities, such as online tracking of Brazilian sculptors through Virtual MuBE and the urban intervention initiatives in São Paulo with Teia MuBE.

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