A forgotten village 160 kilometres from São Paulo. In July and August skiers revel in its snow.

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Campos do Jordão

A miniature Switzerland.

If you have enough time to take a trip out of São Paulo, it is worth renting a car and discovering this forgotten village 160 kilometres from the city and 1,628 metres above sea level in the Mantequeira mountain. Explore Campos do Jordão, the small Swiss-Brazilian town which, during the months of July and August (with its southern hemisphere winter temperatures), becomes a hotbed for skiers and tourists who are used to the cold. The structure and roofs of the houses, as well as the brewery (which you can visit), are reminiscent of central-European villages, except that it is only two hours from São Paulo. Other impressive features of this area are its forests where you can enjoy a hike or climb, as well as take a cable car to the summit of Morro Elefante, where its panoramic views of Campos do Jordão will leave you breathless.

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