Discover the origins of Candomblé and the Afro-Brazilian culture up close.

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Candomblé Cultural Centre

Find your Orisha.

Better known as the Pai Toninho de Xangô Centre, this mystic meeting spot offers a unique experience, both for those who practise Candomblé and for tourists. Candomblé is a recognised and respected religion throughout the world, and its origins date back to indigenous animism and Afro-Brazilian worship. This worship involved believing in the Orisha gods and making offerings of ayahuasca (a brew of various psychoactive infusions), and percussion and dance rituals. According to this belief, everything has an Orisha which we protect from birth and can consulted through a Buzios ritual using shells made ​​by the Santero. In the centre you can explore this culture up close, through its exhibition room with paintings and sculptures, the Garden of the Gods and the Oxum Fountain. The doors to the Candomblé Cultural Centre are open to anyone that is interested and has an open mind about seeing another view of spirituality.

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