As you pass through the doors of this market, you will plunge into a maze of colourful scents and products.

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What's that smell?

If there is anything that identifies the gigantic Ceagesp Market (General Warehousing Society of São Paulo), it is the peculiar mix of smells. Exotic fruits, fresh vegetables and flowers are its specialities, althou it also hosts specialist fairs for other products such as fish, grapes and cereals. Created in 1969 to supply the city, it has become the largest warehouse in Latin America with 700,000 square metres and a crowd of 50,000 visitors each day, where the producers and distributors make contact. They also sell to individuals and minorities, which have their own section. If you are interested, you will find weekly blog updates on the market itself, which provides information on changes in the price of products. You can choose between papayas or kiwis, or even consider if you want to buy a bunch of violets. It is worth a visit to the multicoloured stalls, which receive nothing short of 10,000 tonnes of products each day.

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