An artistic mix near São Paulo: its open-air Art Fair is the biggest in the State.

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Embu das Artes

The showroom for all types of artists.

The small town of Embu das Artes got its name by popular vote in 2011, after showing every weekend that it that become the epicentre of the artistic movement only 30 kilometres from São Paulo. Here the biggest open-air Arts and Crafts Fair in the state is celebrated, where you can watch the sculptors create their art live with stone or clay, cartoonists and craftsmen who work with all kinds of material. The artistic beginning of this settlement dates back to the 1930s, when Embu’s Santero, Cássio M'Boy, was the winner of the Grand Prize at the International Exhibition of Art Techniques of Paris and at that time was already surrounded by the leading exponents of Modernism. His disciples followed in his footsteps, more artists came to the town and from the 1960s it had become an international benchmark.

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