Its 18 metre concave dome is the ideal place to admire the most luminous stars in the city.

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Ibirapuera Planetarium

Fun for both children and adults.

For a unique activity during your visit to São Paulo why not discover the secrets of astronomy? Or learn something new in the courses and workshops organised by Professor Aristóteles Orsini of the Planetarium, situated in Ibirapuera Park. The original building was built in 1957 but was upgraded in 2006, turning it into a Latin American benchmark, with its 18 metre concave dome and an advanced Zeiss StarMaster projector that accurately projects the Solar System and other galaxies. In the Planetarium you will find a schedule for adults and children, including an Astrophysics School with an exhibition room and classroom to learn how to use star maps or build a telescope for your back garden. In a city where skyscrapers and light contamination make it difficult to see the stars, the Planetarium has become a centre of knowledge and fun, perfect for studying what you can't see with the naked eye.

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